About Us

Gaylard Graphic Design Melbourne is a small family run and owned graphic design business specialising in packaging design. Set up by Perry Gaylard in 1992 Gaylard Graphic Design Melbourne has been servicing corporate and small family businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand, England and Europe providing graphic design, print, point of sale and web sites.

For more on Gaylard Graphics Packaging Design go to www.packagingdesign-melbourne.com.au

Perry obtained his packaging and design experience working in the family owned packaging company, Color Pak, from 1978 - 1992. Perry was involved in carton design, artwork direction and sales and was a Director of the company until 1992.

"Working from home gives me the flexibility to be able to meet and deliver my client's needs and fit in with what can be very tight deadlines. Printing Presses stop for no-one!"

Gaylard Graphic Design Melbourne has up to date equipment which includes a large format Epsom printer allowing the production of WYSIWYG cartons, point of sale samples and proofs used for forward selling as well as introduction pieces to the major supermarket players. These cartons are a realistic representation of the end product.

Gaylard Graphic Design Melbourne has created solid partnerships with various printers. These printers have been chosen for their ability to meet strict deadlines, providing quick turnaround and a top quality result.

Gaylard Graphic Design Melbourne hosts and designs web sites, concentrating on high visual content while keeping the site lean and most importantly, user friendly. See our Portfolio for some examples.

Photography is another part of our business, using a high end Canon along with an array of accessories. Gaylard Graphic Design Melbourne can supply product shots, onsite photo shoots and events.

I have various passions that I have brought into my work world. Photographic art and Clothing/swimwear design for water polo clubs to name a few. The "ITV@Mount Waverley" (In the Village) magazine is a community based project that is another I have. For more go to the Portfolio, Services, and Store links.


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